On occasion, Enrollment First, Inc. will have a “wear your jeans to work day,” on a weekday, and everyone that wears jeans is required to donate at least $5. Over the course of two months, Enrollment First collected a sufficient amount of money to donate to the FISH Hospitality Pantry, a non-profit volunteer organization that provides food packages to more than 11,000 Knoxville families each month.

To put the impact in perspective, a donation of only $5 can feed a family of four for three days – something the FISH Pantry calls the FISH 5-4-3 program. Another mind-blowing fact is that even a third of FISH Hospitality Pantry’s volunteers came for food assistance at one time themselves. Hunger – and not just the “Hmm, I’m hungry, what’s for dinner?” hunger – is real, and it is happening in our own backyard.

If you would like more information on ways you can donate or volunteer, please visit www.fishpantry.org.