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We deliver solutions in health care, technology, and administration for the transportation industry, 1099 independent contractors, staffing companies, franchises, credit unions, restaurants, retail, and hospitality.  We have strong carrier partnerships that enable us to offer an extensive menu of benefit options. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Enrollment First is the horsepower, dedicated to handling the entire process under one roof by providing unlimited product options, turn-key administration, billing and eligibility services, multiple enrollment platforms, marketing and communications, and an in-house telephonic customer service center for insurance brokers and their clients.

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Cancer strikes millions of people – one in two men and one in three women.  Employer-sponsored health plans usually cover only the direct medical costs – leaving the indirect medical costs to be typically paid out of the insured’s pocket – costs such as loss of income, living expenses, transportation, special diets, family care, and more.  Your employees/members want the reassurance of knowing that they can easily obtain benefits for themselves and their families to help cover the potentially high costs associated with cancer.  The solution is our cancer policy – a voluntary group cancer-only insurance policy.


  • Benefits are paid directly to your employees or anyone they choose.
  • Benefits are paid in addition to all other insurance.
  • Coverage options include individual, single-parent family, and two-parent family.
  • Applying is easy – with only a few health questions and no physical exams or blood tests required.
  • Coverage is available to eligible employees/members who are at least 18 years old.
  • An employee/member who leaves the company can continue his or her coverage on a direct-pay basis.


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