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We deliver solutions in health care, technology, and administration for the transportation industry, 1099 independent contractors, staffing companies, franchises, credit unions, restaurants, retail, and hospitality.  We have strong carrier partnerships that enable us to offer an extensive menu of benefit options. Headquartered in Knoxville, Tennessee, Enrollment First is the horsepower, dedicated to handling the entire process under one roof by providing unlimited product options, turn-key administration, billing and eligibility services, multiple enrollment platforms, marketing and communications, and an in-house telephonic customer service center for insurance brokers and their clients.

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Hospital Indemnity

Hospital Indemnity


Our health is something most take for granted – until there is a problem. This is a flexible and convenient group voluntary limited benefit hospital indemnity insurance policy designed to provide participants with benefits to help pay medical expenses associated with common health care needs.  Benefits are predetermined, and are paid regardless of any other insurance a participant has.  Whether your clients and their insureds want a plan that provides hospitalization benefits only or one that also addresses diagnostic procedures, outpatient surgery, and ambulance transportation, we can build virtually any plan they need.   Did we mention that benefits are guaranteed acceptance?  No health questions are asked.  No one is denied.


Designed to provide participants with benefits to help with the cost of common health care needs like:

  • In-hospital stays
  • Outpatient physician office visits
  • Off-the-job accident treatment
  • Physical exams and diagnostic tests
  • Emergency room visits for sickness
  • Daily inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation
  • Ambulance and daily skilled nursing
  • Outpatient diagnostic X-ray and lab tests
  • In-hospital and inpatient surgical procedures and anesthesia
  • Prescriptions
  • Critical illness and subsequent critical illness expenses
  • Intensive care stays
  • Daily inpatient mental and nervous system rehabilitation


Why Offer Hospital Indemnity?
This policy provides participants valuable benefits, and helps business owners see a positive impact on worker recruitment, increased member retention, improved health status and productivity of members, and offers a clear and flexible alternative to high-premium, major medical plans.  This policy can provide group hospital indemnity benefits to uninsured members and their eligible family members, and is designed for those who are not offered or simply cannot afford major medical coverage including full-time, part-time, and recently-hired workers. Created with business owners and policy-holders in mind, this policy provides convenient and dependable indemnity benefits under a group hospital indemnity insurance policy, with streamlined flexibility; no co-payments, co-insurance or deductibles; the power to choose health care providers; and voluntary enrollment.

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