A simple, random act of kindness can turn anyone’s day around – especially if they’re stuck in a hospital or nursing home. Their smiles can brighten the room, and the joy is everywhere. One Knoxville-based charity has gone above and beyond to spread kindness to patients in hospitals and nursing homes, and on Tuesday, June 3, Random Acts of Flowers delivered its 40,000th floral arrangement to a lucky patient at the University of Tennessee Hospital.
Considering that the organization was only founded in 2008, that’s a significant milestone.

“I’m very proud of all that [this organization] and the volunteers have done to make the charity’s mission a success,” said Larsen Jay, CEO and Founder of Random Acts of Flowers, in an email to Random Acts of Flowers volunteers. “I can’t imagine how fast our mission delivery will grow in the coming years – we’re positively impacting a lot of people with flowers and a smile.”

Enrollment First, Inc. loves taking part of this charity every year, and our CEO and Founder Hazen Mirts sits on the board as an active member.

“While Enrollment First takes great joy in giving to all charities that we support, Random Acts of Flowers is one that I personally love participating in,” said Mirts. “To see the look on patients’ faces when we walk in with a bouquet of flowers is priceless. You’re not just giving flowers to these patients – you’re giving them hope and something to look forward to.”

But where do the flowers come from? Random Acts of Flowers, a sustainable green organization, recycles and repurposes flowers that are donated by churches, florists, and other organizations from around the area. They re-purpose not only the flowers themselves, but also the other pieces in the arrangement like vases and foam to create new bouquets. Each flower gets a fresh cut, new water and minerals before being used.

If you would like more information about Random Acts of Flowers or ways you can volunteer, please visit their website at randomactsofflowers.org.