rolling strong enrollment first mobile app truck drivers health wellness lifestyleRolling Strong has partnered with Enrollment First to provide truck drivers with health coverage and lifestyle benefits that include the Rolling Strong platform and group underwriting for voluntary benefits. The partnership takes a breakthrough proactive approach to providing healthcare benefits for truck drivers by automatically enrolling Enrollment First drivers in the Rolling Strong health and wellness app.

Built by drivers, the Rolling Strong app is robust with features designed to meet the needs and challenges of drivers seeking to maintain a healthy lifestyle. App users have access to a network of CDL-specific wellness coaches, state-of-the-art tools, and a nationwide network of healthcare partners. This technology has helped thousands of drivers and fleets maintain CDL licensing and reduce injuries, accidents and driver turnover.

App features include:

  • Nutrition, fitness and sleep guidance and tracking, including location-based suggestions and trip planning assistance
  • Certification tracking and reminders
  • Connect with wellness coaches and a social networking community
  • Gamification driver rewards – compete against other drivers or yourself to meet health and fitness goals – and reward your success!
  • Connected technology interacts with your devices:Fitbit
    • Higi Station
    • Sleep Monitor
  • CDL Coaching
  • Workout videos and exercise suggestions while on the road

Drivers create a profile with personal health numbers, fitness and nutrition preferences, and certification reminders, and set goals. Drivers use the app features, coaching, tools and partners to reach their wellness and lifestyle goals.

“Rolling Strong is always striving to focus on the health of truck drivers so this partnership is a natural fit,” said Hazen Mirts, president and chief executive officer of Enrollment First. “Our insurance coverage benefits are in line with their mission of promoting a healthier lifestyle for drivers. With Rolling Strong, our customers have better access to wellness engagement tools while they are on the road. This is a partnership that benefits everyone because it has the same focus at its core.”

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